2 wks until #scio13: UPDATE
Hello Scio13 Attendees!

We are just two weeks away from gathering and I can’t wait. I have a few details that you need to know, so please read this email carefully.

Wednesday night is our opening event. We are excited to welcome you—friends new and old! We will start at 6pm at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences Nature Research Center (a quick walk from the hotel). This is an exciting venue for you to explore! The exhibits are now open and there will be some museum staff ready to show off their labs.

Please join us for drinks and appetizers and a toast to the beginning of the event. We've arranged for the Daily Planet Café in the museum to stay open so that you can buy some dinner (see menu here (http://www.thedailyplanetcafe.com/menu/) ) and stay for a while. We’ll wrap up at 9pm. I’m sure many of you will want to head back to the Marriott Bar (our nighttime hub) and enjoy continuing the conversations.

We are working hard to arrange transportation from the hotel to the conference venue each morning and night. This will require cooperation on your part. As you may know from the schedule, the coffee, Espresso truck, and continental breakfast start at 8am in the McKimmon Center and the CONVERGE session starts (promptly) at 9am. We will be keeping to a strict schedule this year because we have an online and international audience depending on us to livestream events for their Watch Parties .

In order to get everyone to the McKimmon Center before 9am (and in enough time to grab a cup of coffee), we need to start moving people at 7:40am.

Let me be clear. Transportation is expensive. We want to move you to the venue. Please help us make it work.

The first bus loads at 7:40 a.m. for 7:45 a.m. departure.
Other buses board and depart in five and ten minute intervals until last bus at 8:45 a.m.

Morning Departure times from Marriott/Sheraton (Loading completed)

7.45 a.m. bus # 1
8:00 a.m. bus # 2
8:05 a:m. bus # 3
8.15 a.m. bus # 1 second run
8.30 a.m. bus # 2 second run
8.35 a.m. bus # 3 second run
8.45 a.m. bus # 1 third run (note: if you take this bus, you will likely be late for the CONVERGE session)

I know you guys (well, a lot of you) and I know you are not mostly morning people. So, please work with me on this. If you want first crack at the breakfast bar and if you want to enjoy the Kona Chameleon Espresso Truck at 8am, please email me and volunteer to be an early bird. You won’t regret it. We will be assigning everyone to bus runs so that we can make sure we have enough space to move everyone. Again, if you prefer the early bus, let me know!

The namebadge goes out to the printer tonight (Wed). Please look at your name on the Look Who’s Coming directory. Only your First Name, Last Name, and Twitter handle will be on your namebadge. It will be spelled or misspelled and (un)capitalized just as it appears there. Exactly. If you want a nickname, short name, whatever, you need to email me ASAP .

We put affiliations and titles on the directory (because it’s great to see where everyone is coming from), but once you walk in the door, the affiliations fall away. Every voice in the room is important. Everyone is approachable. So, don’t email me affiliation changes today (wait until Friday if you need a change). I must focus on the names & twitter handles for the namebadges! Thank you.

Be sure to check scienceonline2013.sched.org
You will find info about the daytime and evening events. You can also make your own schedule. I am trying hard to keep it up to date. The wiki is also a great resource for the program, travel, menus, etc. We are trying to make as much information available to you as possible to make your experience as valuable as it can be.

-CONVERGE speakers-
So… no keynotes, but even better, six sessions of Converge speakers. These 15 minute segments will give you a glimpse into new stories and inspiration. Who is coming?

Veronica McGregor, Stephanie Smith, Courtney O’Connor : sharing the behind-the-media stories of the NASA JPL communications & social media team (the people behind the Mars Curiosity rover and much more)
Doug Ellison : how a space enthusiast from the UK was discovered and recruited by NASA to create visualizations that amaze (and educate) the world
Baba Brinkman : Science + Rap = Amazing
Fraser Cain : He asked the question “How can we push the technology to let everyone in the world experience the night sky” and came up with Star Parties on G+
David Quammen : author of SPILLOVER (and a lot more!) has stories behind the ink that will amuse, challenge, and amaze you
Dr. Amy Abernathy : Duke oncologist extraordinare. She brings expertise and passion to her practice in a unique way

We have ScienceOnline2013 Watch Parties organized all over the world! I would like to find a ScienceOnline2013 attendee buddy for each of the Watch Parties. I think they will appreciate having someone “in the room” on their behalf. You don’t have to sit in every Watch Party recorded session (all the sessions in Room 3), but I’d like to connect you with the organizer via email and introduce you. You can keep track of their questions & interests and help to connect them with what is happening in Raleigh. I need about 15 people. Would you be interested? If so, email me and I’ll get everyone matched up.

Believe it or not, there are still some spaces available for some of the workshops, so if you will arrive before Wed afternoon, feel free to peruse the workshop schedule .

-DRESS CODE- (because some of you have asked)
There is none (well, please be dressed). Be comfortable. Geeky tshirts encouraged. Dress up or dress down for the Thursday night event. Come crazy for Carin Bondar’s music video (Gangnam style, in case you weren’t aware). We have serious things to talk about during the day, but having fun is part of building community and being comfortable with each other. And don’t worry, introverts, extroverts, and any other-verts are all welcome. So just be yourself. We will have a quiet room for you to get away from it all if you need to.

More next week! Stay tuned.

Email me your questions .

The 3 Musketeers are ready to welcome you (Bora, Anton, and me)!

Karyn Traphagen
ScienceOnline, Executive Director
PO Box 52447
Durham, NC 27717
my blog: Stay Curious