Hashtag for Exercise announcements during conference: #scio13sweat (#scio13shred for the asskickery)

Morning Yoga

Get your day started with a 45 minute vinyasa-style yoga practice led by @ihearttheroad.



Day/Time: Thursday, January 31 at 7 AM
Location: Chancellor Room (down the stairs to the right of the front entrance)


I have a room reserved in the Marriott for Thursday, January 31 at 7 AM. I don't know the room number yet, and I have no idea how many people/mats it can hold. We may have to get cozy. I do know that it cost me $100 to get a space in the hotel, SO if you would like to make a small donation at class time, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, a number of people have requested mats. I have 5, but I will need to do some magic packing to get them all on my Delta flight from IN to NC. If anyone local/driving can bring an extra mat, please let me know!

Beginners welcome.

BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat! ...A limited number of extra mats may be available. Add a note (-Need Mat-) beside your name below if you want to join but don't have a mat.)

Let us know you're coming:

Jessica Morrison
Jeanne Garbarino
Mindy Weisberger
Perrin Ireland
Laura Allen
Stephanie Willen Brown (have car & can bring 3 others to McKimmon after)
Maryn McKenna
Lyndell Bade
Lou Woodley
Caitlyn McCrary (Need Mat, probably won't be able to fit in suitcase)
Josh Witten (will have car & can drive 4 others to McKimmon afterward)
Evelyn Lamb (if I can get my butt out of bed in time)
Holly Tucker (need mat, have car, can drive 3 or 4 afterward)
Chris Gunter (need mat please)
Eve Rickert
Alli Proffitt (have car, can bring 1 other to McKimmon afterward--you'd get to ride next to the car seat)
Robin Lloyd
Nicole Kresge
Elizabeth Preston (need a mat please!)
Kiley Dancy
Rachel Levy (mat, please!)
Kathryn Bowers
Sarah Webb (have car)
Kelly Tyrrell
Amy Robinson (mat please :)
Melanie Tannenbaum (if I wake up! which is my response for everything on this page, basically...)

Group Run

WHEN: Thursday, January 31 and Friday February 1 at 6:45 AM
WHERE: Leave from the Marriott lobby, run to the Greenway Trail
DISTANCE: Approximately 3 miles

If there is enough interest, we could divide into two groups and do a long and a short run.

Several runners (and the yoga folks above) have pointed out that a 7:30 AM start would not get back in time for the buses. So the run will now begin at 6:45 AM.

Please let us know you're coming:

Dave McGlinchey
Adrienne Roehrich @fiainros (10 min/mile ave pace - can speed up a little or go slower; 3-8 miles is good for me; would also like an earlier start time)
Caitlyn McCrary (at least Friday if not Thursday before yoga, too)
Mark Wanner (maybe start a bit earlier so everyone can catch the right bus?)
Scicurious (Thursday, but can we start earlier so I can get back and get a bus?)
Robin Lloyd (Friday)
Jessica (Thursday and Friday, agree we should start earlier! what about 7?)
BGuenard (anyone up for 6:30? I have to catch the 7:55 bus)
Jessica Wright (In for Thursday and Friday. Excited for the non-freezing temperatures!) - update flight cancelled! Flying in Thurs. morning now, so just Friday for me! :( Up for Sat if anyone's interested.
Dave Munger (In for Thurs/Fri/Sat and possibly Sun. Looking for as many miles as I can talk people into. Suggest 7 am start or earlier if we are going more than 6 miles).
Kelly Tyrrell (In for Friday! Coming back from stress fracture in my hip, so happy to do any running)
Abby Koons (In for Thursday and Friday)
Brendan Maher. See y'all Thursday at the very least. Dave, you can talk me into quite a few.
Julianne Wyrick (Friday)

Sci and Kate Ass-Kickery

High intensity interval training by @scicurious and @KateClancy, by special request.

When: Friday from 7-7:45am or so, AND SATURDAY FROM 7-7:45AM (we will NOT be doing Tabatas on Saturday like we did Friday, but a lower intensity interval workout - promise it will still be very good for you and fun!)

Friday's Tabata* workout:

lunges, lunge w twist, side lunges, slow high knees, slow butt kicks, single leg romanian dead lifts

Burpee bookend #1:
5 full burpees

Tabatas, 4 min each, 1-2 min rest between:
Lunge jumps
Squat pulses x3 with a jump
Turnover pushups
Skater jumps

Burpee bookend #2:
5 full burpees

Sci's awesome ab session
*A Tabata is high intensity interval training where you do one exercise 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, usually eight times for a total of four minutes. Many people do 4-5 of these in one session, but no more than a few times a week.

Saturday's interval workout:

the same

Interval training:
It's a Hot Mess (AKA 9 minutes of hell)

Body weight strength:
20 good mornings
10 lunge squats/side
10-20 pushups
15 side squats/side
10 walking pushups
15 sumo squats

60 seconds of walking bridges (bridge w alternating legs)
12 alternating prisoner getups
30 alternating bicycles
10 alternating sumo pushups
25 supermans
10 pilates rollups