Do you have a song to sing? An instrument to play?

David Shiffman and Jacquelyn Gill are heading up the Open Mic Nite portion of our Thursday Evening Social Event.

I said on Facebook I would rap, so I guess I'm stuck with that. - Zen Faulkes

I'll perform a short bit about how science tried to kill me. - Stephen Granade

I've got two songs to sing. If there's a keyboard or piano available, I'll use that. Otherwise, I'll need accompaniment, since the dog bite on my left hand is going to prevent me from playing. - Matthew Francis

I'll sing at least one song, w/ guitar. - Greg Gbur

I will be singing a 3 minute song (with an almost-certainly recognizable tune) about social media. The instrumental tracks will be on my iPhone, and I'm hoping someone will have a stereo-speaker-docking-thingie. -- Janet D. Stemwedel

Sea shanty time with: Kate Wing, Karen James, Miriam Goldstein, Jarrett Byrnes, David Shiffman, Dave Ng (I can also strum a guitar if chords are supplied - both real and the air variety) and Sandra Porter..[add your name & bring the lyrics!]

I'll play a tune or so on guitar. -- Scott Huler

I would like to sing a song about cloning to the tune of Surfing USA & others can join in. I call it "Cloning DNA" - Sandra Porter
I put the lyrics & chords here:

Count me in for a rap- Geoff Hunt