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Session 9A: We are who we are? Who are we? Issues of identity and the internet

Kate Clancy and Scicurious
Sat, Feb 2, Noon-1:00 pm, Room 3

Description: We are all made up of many identities -- our gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and politics, to name a few. Some of these identities affect what we choose to write, and sometimes the identities of those who read or interact with us influence their reactions to our work. This has consequences for how widely we are read, for the kinds of attention we get, positive and negative, and the repercussions this attention has on our roles across our online communities. So Sci and Kate ask, who are we, as scientists, educators, journalists, and communicators? And how can we work on using aspects of our internet identities to help us get our messages across, and increasing the diversity of the identities we see in online science? Join us in a discussion on how we form our identities online, how they change over time, and how they impact our lives, our presence on the internet, and the messages we send.


David Manly (@davidmanly) will be live-tweeting the discussion, at #scio13 and #scio13ID. Please follow along and send your questions and comments! You can also tweet @scicurious or @KateClancy for further comments, though we may not be able to check during the discussion.

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