Workshop: Science Scribe 3.0

Perrin Ireland
Wed, Jan 30, 1pm, 1.5 hrs, $20

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Back by popular demand, this workshop is an introduction to visual note taking skills that can be used to augment and illuminate science stories.
will give you the basic tools you need to enhance your visual storytelling abilities. Science Scribe 2.0 at Scio12 was a huge hit. Workshop participants had a blast visually capturing the conference. Our sketchnotes, on display in the gallery and shared on Twitter, were a resounding success.

We will cover basic shapes, fonts, spacing and layout, and quick shortcuts for drawing characters. We will review current examples of visual representations of science, learn techniques and practices for creating Science Scribe sketchnotes, and look at samples from the sketchnotes masters for tips on simple, clean ways to enhance science presentations. You will leave armed with a notebook, pens, and a new set of skills and confidence for visualizing science.

Our goal for this year's conference is to crowd-source scribing: participants can volunteer to take sketchnotes for one or two presentations throughout the conference. We will then digitize these notes and feature them online as records of the conference and its contents.

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Perrin Ireland

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